Sights in Puerto Varas

The top 10 reasons to visit Puerto Varas

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If you ever need a reason to visit the quaint city of Puerto Varas, here are the top reasons to visit Puerto Varas. Nestled on the lake side of Llanquihue its the best destination for outdoor adventure sports, and avoids most of the tourist package onslaught that besieges Pucón. With all of the conveniences of Puerto Montt just a short trip away, Puerto Varas is a top choice for an extended stay and also makes a good base for exploring the region.

Puma rehabilitation center puerto varas

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Ever seen a puma? At Romahue a rehabilitation center for wildlife you can get up close to some of these mysterious cats. With the ever decreasing forests in the Los Lagos region, there is less and less natural habitat for these animals. Having grown up in South Africa where we have many animal reserves, this project stand out for me. Romahue stands for the conservation, love of the river, the forest, its flora and fauna.

Not to be missed! A unique experience.