Farm tour

It is wonderful to just pick up an egg from the chickens nest, pull beans off its stalk or pluck a tomato from the tree. We have quite a few animals on the land, the dancing peacock and the wooly sheep always get a smile. It takes a lot of work looking after them all some where around 60 hungry mouths to feed each morning and evening. But they are our babies and hope to share some of the joy we experience caring for them all.

Tours around Puerto Varas

Puerto Varas is a calm and cosy town in Patagonia best known for its pastry shops and cafés, it’s rose gardens and Alerce tile buildings. German immigrants have shaped it since the late 19th century. Consequently sweets, "kuchen", chocolates, jam and artisanal beer are to be found in great variety. Make sure you don't miss Murtilla, a delicious berry only to be found in Southern Chile. The cuisine is surprisingly diverse here. Whether it is the finest seafood being served or Chilean home-style cooking specialties or traditional "Asados al palo" Chilean lamb barbecues.