Special occasions

We know many of our guests visit us to celebrate a special moment or time in their lives. So we don't mind going the extra mile and making sure the moment will be remembered.

Let us know what you are celebrating and if you want any extras.

From birthdays that are important, or just saying you remember on an anniversary with some flowers. We even have a few secret spots if you are looking to get engaged.

cheese and meat board
Celebrating something special?

Our wine, meat and cheese board will surely impress.

Birthday treat

Something a little sweat as you deserve it.

Roses and champagne
anniversary gift

Roses and champagne just saying thank you.

chocolate and champagne
Happy honeymoon

We have all your special occasions covered to make it the most memorable yet!

Let us know what you need.

These are the most popular options but we can help you with al most any occasion. But please do let us know in advance.