Fundo Playa Venado

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  • cows at Fundo playa venado

    Cows at Fundo playa venado

  • cheese at Fundo playa venado

    Cheese at Fundo playa venado

  • Jersey cow at Fundo playa venado

    A cow on the property

  • Manjar at Fundo playa venado

    Manjar at Fundo playa venado

A milk farm just outside Puerto Varas, Fundo Playa Venado, that makes cheese and 'manjar' Chilean condense milk caramel from Jersey cows. A really beautiful property with lush green fields and cows, truly picturesque sight. They welcome visitors and it's one of our favorite stops down Ensenada. 

They do provide a guided tour, be sure to call ahead to arrange with them. But you can also just show up and stroll around your self. They are a jersey cow farm and make their own cheese, the best part is they have it setup that you can walk around the barn where they milk the cows, and around through the cheese processing area. It's got huge glass windows where you can see all the cheese processing goodies. In the same building further on down the passage you can see how they make the manjar. If your nose found a scent that perked your interest, you can pick up some of their produce as well.

We try to get our cheese from this farm when ever we can, its delicious.

One of the other perks is the bakery La Gringa also has a small outlet on the property as well (open only in summer). They make some mean pastries! And don't miss out on the mouth watering ice cream from Pudu made from Fundo playa venado milk.

Those who book the tour can hand feed the calves, the kids rave about it.

Looking for more information check them out at they are only 10 minutes down the road from us at 16 km on the Ensenada road.

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