About Us

Opening a Bed and Breakfast in Patagonia has always been my dream




After a long time running a B&B in Venice, working as a chef, living in Berlin and traveling Europe I am happy to be home again. Opening a Bed and Breakfast in Patagonia has always been my dream. I knew the perfect place was in the South of Chile.

What makes us unique is that Bordemundo is located at the shoreline of Lake Llanquihue - the four hectare estate is located amidst relaxing nature featuring access to a marvellous and solitary beach and four comfortable native wood cabins.  Though it is still no more than 3km to downtown Puerto Varas but away from the crowds and pollution and near all the attraction areas. At night the sky is so clear, the air is so pure, the stars shine so bright that you certainly get an idea why the Mapuche called this area " hidden paradise". From our cabins our guests experience a wonderful panorama including a lake view on Lake Llanquihue and the volcanoes Osorno, Caulle Tronador and Calbuco.

The start of Patagonia, the Carretera Austral, and many national parks, so near the end of the world, Puerto Varas and Bordemundo is a dream come true for travelers, that shouldn't be missed, because of all the that the area has to offer. Whether you are starting or finishing your trip, you will feel the magic and will have an unforgettable and wonderful time.

At Bordemundo there is a lot of space to combine tourism with permaculture. We are eco friendly, we compost, recycle and grow our food organically. That's not only interesting to see - it adds the special something to our optional breakfasts or dinners, too, made with regional and home made organic products. During the summer it also possible to pick your very own berries on our land.

There are countless things to do and explore around Bordemundo and Puerto Varas and everyone is welcome.

We speak fluent Spanish, German, Italian and French. We look forward to having you here.

See you soon in the wonderful South of Chile, 


Our Staff

We are very lucky to have a few but wondeful staff here at Bordemundo. Rosario and Miguel help us day by day to give our best and keep our land and cabins Beautiful and tidy. We owe them a big part of our success, rewarding them with a fair wage and working time, higher than the national minimum.