The top 10 reasons to visit Puerto Varas

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reasons to visit Puerto Varas

If you ever need a reason to visit the quaint city of Puerto Varas, here are the top reasons to visit Puerto Varas. Nestled on the lake side of Llanquihue its the best destination for outdoor adventure sports, and avoids most of the tourist package onslaught that besieges Pucón. With all of the conveniences of Puerto Montt just a short trip away, Puerto Varas is a top choice for an extended stay and also makes a good base for exploring the region. Its German heritage and contemporary Chilean adrenaline is both beautiful and addictive.

Reasons to visit Puerto Varas

  1. The fauna and flora, the region of Los Lagos has some of the oldest trees know to humankind, the "Alerce". The diversity of birds is amazing from Parrots, Owls, Pelicans to the Tiuque (a bird of pray). If you are here to explore the fauna and flora let CicloFauna give you the best tour possible.
  2. Artisanal ice cream, some of the best ice cream I've ever had, Helados Pudu will leave you wanting more and being smack bang in the middle of town, a great reward during or after the stroll around  down town.
  3. Kotaix bike-park, a world class bike park in the middle of a forest. Built by passionate bike enthusiast its great for all riding skill levels and its a lot of fun. 
  4. Cruise lake Llanquihue, we have a huge lake on the door step of Puerto Varas take a boat cruise with one of the many companies. Take in the views from the lake or just chill out on one of it's beaches.
  5. Fundo playa venado, take the family and spend the day on a dairy farm. The make delicious cheese and manjar!
  6. Ski on a volcano, the volcano of Osorno has a Ski center simply breath taking views! Be sure to book in the winter season if you are here for the snow.
  7. Climbhouse, go rock climbing all year round an indoor climbing facility. For the experienced there are the volcanos of Osorno and Calbuco to be scaled.
  8. Go trekking, "Paso Desolacion" has some amazing paths around the all saints lake. Named after the void of vegetation, experience the power these volcanos hold up close and personal. 
  9. Petrohue waterfalls, crystal clear water cascade over an ancient lava flow. A little touristic'y in my opinion but still worth an afternoon when you visit.
  10. Local cuisine the restaurants in town will leave you coming back for more. Bravo Cabrera, Sushibay, Mesa Tropera and La Marca are a few of our favorites.

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well, I would like to visit Puerto Varas now. I am sure it will be a nice place for me and I will enjoy visiting this destination.

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