A must see Pumalin Park

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  • Rugged setting in Pumalin Park

    Volcano in Pumalin Park

  • Water fall at  Pumalin Park

    Water fall at Pumalin Park

  • Rivers at Pumalin Park

    Rivers at Pumalin Park

One of the hidden wonders of Southern Chile the Pumalin Park with more than 325 thousand hectares of mountains, forests, lakes and rivers. The park provides trail, camping grounds, information centers, cafés restaurants, cabins for those wishing to see out the real Patagonia. From the northern town of Cahuelmó all the way through to Chaiten the park has a number of places to stay. This park is also on the "Carretera Austral" so it is a definite must see for those traveling the 1000km through Chile!

The Pumalín Park is open to the public year round and there is no entrance fee. To access the North of the park you can drive to Hornopirén on the Carretera Austral, 110km south of Puerto Montt. From here you can take the ferry to Caleta Gonzalo. More detail information is provided on the Pumalin website.

Douglas Tompkins

Famous for running North Face outdoor clothing brand, was the pioneer who started the Pumalin Park project. This park is one of his environmental activism programs, the encompass around 2 million acres of nature in South America. This park stands in hopes of inspiring a deeper environmental ethic, to its inhabitants and visitors alike.

Volunteer program

Park Pumalin also has a volunteer program, you will need to spend 6 months in the park though. But it's a wonderful chance to get thoroughly explore one of the most spectacular and rugged settings in Chile. All volunteers here are unpaid. To learn more about potential opportunities to volunteer with the Pumalín Project, send an email to info@parquepumalin.cl.

Truly a remarkable forest-conservation effort that attracts many international visitors. Through it's efforts it helps maintain a great many roads and trails with minimal impact on nature itself, making it a forerunner in Chile.

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