Farm tour

Having grown up in the city and been so disconnected from where we get our food.

It is wonderful to just pick up an egg from the chickens nest, pull beans off its stalk or pluck a tomato from the tree. We have quite a few animals on the land, the dancing peacock and the wooly sheep always get a smile. It takes a lot of work looking after them all some where around 60 hungry mouths to feed each morning and evening. But they are our babies and hope to share some of the joy we experience caring for them all.

Our first year trying to grow anything was quite a shock, the amount of effort it takes just to grow anything to eat is astonishing. From the slugs that enjoy everything before we can, pulling weeds and watering each day. We soon found out we did not have a green finger between the two of us. After four years later things are quite different, we still need to go to the super market but every other day we get to enjoy a meal where all the veggies are from the garden.

Looking ahead, staying organic.

After having stumbled upon aquaponics, we have built a 12m by 7m greenhouse that grows vegetables off 60 koi fish. It is currently cycling to get the bacteria growing that convert the fish waist to plant food. We are hoping to share our produce with the guest as it should be growing more food than we can eat soon. 

urban farmer
We are still learning

But each year we have more success!

Birds and more birds
Birds and more birds

We have lots of birds, guineafowl, peafowl, turkeys, chickens, ducks... and more!

the sheep
The Pepe's

They keep the grass in check and we use the wool to knit blankets and more! They loooove pellets and will often eat from your hand.

Chicken at Bordemundo
Feed the chickens

See how the chickens lay their eggs, there a few that even love to be stroked. Some have been rescued from Ensenada when the eruption took place.

We grow food as well
We grow food as well

We have a number of green houses on the land and each year our fingers are getting greener.

Aquaponics coming online

Nearing completion the aquaponics system will produce more food than we can eat.

Bees at Bordemundo
Honey bees

It has been a while since we have had the bee's on the land but we hope to bring them back soon one hive.

We do our best to take as meany people around and show them how we are an organic B&B. The farm tour has no cost, but is only available as time permits.

Standard Features
Rescued dogs

All our dogs have been rescued from the street and now have a happy home with us.

Peafowl at Bordemduno

We have peafowl and they are always dancing.

Fish at Bordemundo

We have just started our aquaponics project, aquaponics is the marriage of fish and plants.

Rescued cats

Most of the animals we have are rescued or were born here at Bordemundo.