Best restaurants in Puerto Varas

Where to eat in Puerto Varas

Looking for the best restaurants to eat out in Puerto Varas? Well we have tried them all and here are standouts of the crowd. Don't forget we also cater for dinners at your cabin.


Simply the best sushi I have ever eaten hands down. A beautifully decorated restaurant with a quiet atmosphere and attentive waiters. I can not recommend this establishment enough.

Contact: +56 65 223 7593

Bravo Cabrera puerto varas
Bravo Cabrera

My first choice when it comes to meat, they have a wonderful selection of food and beer. Enjoy rustic cuisine, which highlights the authentic products and cooking techniques of southern Chile. A great atmosphere in this pub, it can get a bit noisy just keep that in mind.

Contact: +56 65 223 3441

Mesa Tropera puerto varas
Mesa Tropera

New to Puerto Varas, a stunning location with the building floating over the lake of Llanquihue. Best known for their pizza and beer. The staff are really fast at getting the orders to the table and the food is scrumptious. Only quirk is this place gets crowded so book ahead to reserve a spot at this pub. 

Contact +56 65 223 7973

La Marca puerto varas
La Marca

Some of the best steak you can have in Chile, very generous portions are on the menu here. The atmosphere is relaxed, the staff are a bit slow but usually worth the wait for most people.

+56 65 223 2026

Zaatar cocina de Oriente
Zaatar cocina de Oriente

Zaatar is a restaurant specialized in street food from the Middle East filled with oriental aromas and travelers, music, colors, styles and exotic flavors.

Contact: +56 65 223 1980

Helados Pudú
Helados Pudú

A day without ice cream was a day wasted.

Contact: +56 65 277 3683

Club Aleman puerto varas
Club Aleman

If you are looking for some German traditional food look no further than Club Aleman. It has been around for ever and the traditional german music will have going "bomp bomp" for hours after. It's a favourite in the family.

contact:  +56 65 223 2246

Café Mawen puerto varas
Café Mawen

Again great views and i the center of town this coffee shop always seems to be open. The coffee, pastry and sandwiches are scrumptious. 

Contact: +56 65 223 6971