Geothermic hot springs

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  • Geothermic hot springs

  • Geothermic hot springs

  • Geothermic hot springs

  • Geothermic hot springs

A Japanese-inspired labyrinth of red walkways and hot springs is hidden in a Chilean forest.

Tucked away in an lush forest canyon in Southern Chile, outside of Pucon. The hot spring spa known as 'Termas Geometricas' is a sensational network of red walkways that twist and turn through the trees and valley like something out of a mythical Japanese wonderland. 

Suspended over a flowing stream, the red plank walkways leading to the various spring pools stand out in sever contrast to the surrounding lush wilderness. While at the same time managing to highlight its beauty. There are around 20 pools at the spa, each of them filled directly from a natural hot spring via wooden aquifers that snake underneath the wooden walkways, making sure that they are simmering hot and fresh. Each pool has a changing room made of the same redwood as the paths. Each hut has with a natural grass roof, making the whole spa feel like it is some extension of the natural backdrop

Sitting at the bottom of a canyon, as mists rise from the warm water in a wafting fog. You can truly get lost in time here.

The balance of the Chilean nature and the Japanese styled architecture, few places in the world can achieve quite such a perfect equilibrium of nature and design. There are three cold plunge pools and two waterfalls to cool off in as well as a cafe heated by fogón (outdoor oven) and stocked with natural chicken soup and real coffee. If it weren't for the spoken Spanish, you'd think it was Kyoto.

It's located 15km north of Coñaripe. A cover charge of roughly 24,000 CLP per person but depends on the time of day. More information can be found at



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